In the real estate world, the MLS, or multiple listing service, is a service agents use to sell homes.

In the Jackson Metro area, there are over 1,800 agents involved in the MLS. If you’re a home seller, once your property gets listed on the MLS, its information gets distributed to all 1,800 of those agents. This means any of them can end up selling your property. Each listing broker has a contract with their brokerage that guarantees they’ll be compensated for selling your home.

“Should your agent put your property on the MLS? Most likely.”

It’s important to note that the MLS is not open to the public—it’s a private service for real estate agents only. There is a public section of the MLS that allows your property to be marketed, but the public can’t see all of the information about your property that an agent can.

So, is the MLS important? Yes.

Should your agent put your property on the MLS? Most likely.

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